Ray-Ban - RB2132 New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban - RB2132 New Wayfarer


901/58 Black/Crystal Green Polar
622 Black Rubber/Crystal Green
901 Black/Crystal Green
901L Black/Crystal Green
601S78 Matte Black/Blue Grad. Grey Polar
6052 Black on Trans./Green
605258 Black on Trans./Green Polar
605371 Matte Blue on Trans./Grey Grad.
6053M3 Blue on Trans./Grad. Grey Polar
6054M2 Bordeaux on Trans./Grad. Brown Polar
614371 Gunmetal on Trans./Grey Grad.
614440 Silver on Trans./Green Mirror Silver
614585 Brown on Trans./Brown Grad.
6179 Matte Havana/Brown
6180R5 Matte Havana/Grey
6182 Matte Black/Green
618371 Matte Black/Grey Grad.
61844E Matte Black/Green
622/58 Rubber Black/Polar Green
894/76 Matte Havana/Blue Green Mirror Polar
902/57 Tortoise/Crystal Brown Polar
902/58 Tortoise/Crystal Green Polar
945/57 Honey/Crystal Brown Polar
945L Honey/Crystal Brown
622/17 Rubber Black/Blue Mirror
622/19 Rubber Black/Green Mirror
622/69 Rubber Black/Brown Mirror Red
622/69 Rubber Black/Brown Red Mirror
710 Light Havana/Crystal Brown
710/51 Light Havana/Crystal Brown Grad.
874/51 Brown on Blue/Crystal Brown Grad.
875 Black on Beige/Crystal Green
902 Tortoise/Crystal Green
902L Tortoise/Crystal Green
6013 Tortoise Green/Crystal Green
605485 Matte Bordo' on Trans./Brown Grad.
605258 Top Black on Trans./Green Polar
622/30 Black Rubber/Silver Flash
618985 Top MT Chocolate on Blue/Light Brown Grad D
619171 Top MT Petroleum on Grey/Light Grey Grad Da
6188 Mt Blue & Military Green/Green
622/30 Black Ruber/Silver Flash
6052 Top Black on Transparent/Green
6239 Black/Top Blue Alcantara/Green
624085 Black/Top Bordo' Alcantara/Brown Gradient
624085 Black Top Grey alcantra/Grey Gradient
62423F Black/Top Black Alcantara/Blue Gradient
63083F Matte Blue on Opal
630971 Matte Black on Opal Ice
6310A5 Matte Choccolat on Opal
6307A6 - Matte Beige on Opal Red
6307A6 Matte Beige/Opal Red
619171 Petroleum on Grey/Light Brown Grad D
789/3F Top Blue-Orange
6179 Matte Havana
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